Upminster Daylight Chapter, No. 9788

Upminster Daylight Chapter, No. 9788

Upminster Daylight Chapter, No. 9788 was delighted to receive the MEGS, Rodney Lister Bass, OBE on 7th November, along with the 2nd Provincial Grand Principal, E. Comp. Clive Rees and APGP, Elliott Chevin.

The Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies for the Craft in Essex, W. Bro. Lee Taylor, was installed as MEZ into the Chapter To recognise his exceptional service and commitment to the Craft and Royal Arch, the MEGS awarded E. Comp Lee Taylor with the coveted rank of Provincial Grand Steward.

Not only that, the MEGS was delighted to award the Chapter with a Patron Certificate for the Festival 2022.

Everyone enjoyed the meeting and the Festive Board that followed.

Pictured above are the MEGS with newly installed MEZ Lee Taylor and Charity Steward Steve Vanhisbergh receiving the certificate. Below; MEGS, the 2nd Provincial Grand Principal and the three Principals of the Upminster Daylight Chapter; Lee Taylor, Jim Smith and Graham Larke.

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